Involve franchisees in the market-planning process

Leverage the Franchise Portal for easy franchise management

You can now grant your franchisees access to SiteZeus so they can generate sales forecasts, perform white space analyses, study sales impact, analyze customer segments, and create mobile-data visualizations for their assigned territories or specific sites.

  • As a Corporate user contact SiteZeus Support in order to enable the Franchise Portal for your account.
  • As a Franchisor contact SiteZeus support to enable the Franchise Portal. Each franchisee group will sign a contract directly with SiteZeus and will be bound by terms of service, making no one legally liable for promises from forecasts.

Setting up franchisee access

As a corporate employee, you can manage franchisees' access through the Franchise Portal by setting their user roles and assigning them to a franchise group.

You can also assign territories to franchise groups or users and assign sites to franchise groups when importing sites into your project.

Benefits of franchisee involvement

  • Franchisees can study their proposed locations, potential markets, existing sites, and customer base to make more informed site selections and evaluate the operations of their existing locations.
  • The Franchise Portal streamlines the site-approval process by enabling corporate employees and franchisees to reference the same data from the brand's universal model.
  • Allows Corporate to easily view and manage all of their franchisees in one platform both from a user access standpoint and a territory management standpoint.