Franchise Groups

Learn what a franchise group is, how to add new franchise groups, and how to edit existing ones

What is a franchise group?

Franchise groups are used to manage the access that franchise users have to SiteZeus by providing users within each franchise group with a user role and then assigning the franchise group to sites and territories.

Understanding the franchise group tab

The franchise group tab of the Franchise Portal contains five columns:

Column Name Description
Franchise Group Contains the names for each franchise group
User Role

Contains the available roles for each franchise group

Note: A single franchise group can have more than one role. When this occurs, you'll see a nested role titled "Multiple."

Licenses in Use Contains the number of licenses currently in use and the total number of licenses available for each franchise group
Contract Owner Contains information about who the contract is with (through the corporate office or directly with SiteZeus)
Contract Expires Contains the expiration date for each contract

Adding new franchise groups

You can create a franchise group using the Add tab. Adding new franchise groups requires the creation of a contract, which is managed by SiteZeus' support team. Each contract matches the franchise access agreements. There are three user roles: Read Only, Predictive, and Power User.

Editing existing franchise groups

You can edit a franchise group using the Edit tab to add an additional contract or adjust the number of licenses that are currently active for an existing user role. Click Update to confirm the changes.