How to update your existing project

Understand how to continuously update your own models by adding new sites, adjusting site types, and rebuilding models

Updating your current sites

To keep your portfolio up to date, you should monitor your sites and confirm that they've been assigned the correct site type. Update the sites as necessary by changing the site type or adding new sites to the project.

When to convert to each site type

  • Convert a New site to a Mature site when the New site location has been open for at least 12 months and when that site has full revenue data for the revenue timeframe used for the model.
  • Convert any Proposed site to a New site once the site is operational.
  • Convert any type of Proposed site (e.g., Consideration) to another type of Proposed site (e.g., LOI) based on their current stage of development. 
  • Convert any Mature or New site to Closed Temp if the location is temporarily closed.
  • Convert any Closed Temp site to Mature or New once the location reopens.
  • Convert any Mature or New site to Closed if the location permanently closes.

Adding new sites

Add sites using the importer

  1. Create a data template that matches the current model.
  2. Format the data to be uploaded.
  3. Import the data into your existing project.

Add sites directly in SiteZeus

  1. Search for the location you'd like to add or drop a pin at the location.
  2. Convert that location to the proper site type.
  3. Adjust the revenues and attributes of the recently converted site in Project Sites