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Open API

Learn about the SiteZeus Open API connection opportunity for your brand so that you can begin automating your data updates

The Open API offers a set of endpoints and methods that allow you to change site types, update site attributes, modify site revenues, and add new sites to the platform.

If leveraging the Open API is something your team would be interested in, please contact your support analyst who will work with you to scope out the cost and the feasibility of an Open API implementation.

Currently Available Functionality Options

Changing Site Types:

The Open API enables you to change the type of a site to reflect any changes to its status. If you are managing how sites move through the development process in another application and want those status updates to reflect in SiteZeus as well, the Change Site Type API can allow you to automatically push those updates into SiteZeus to easily track when a new in development site opens or when a currently operating site reaches maturity.

Updating Site Attributes:

With the Open API, you can update the attributes of a specific site, such as its Franchise owner, name, square footage, or any other relevant details, as long as you have historical record of that data. This functionality allows you to keep your site information up to date.

Updating Site Revenues:

The Open API provides the ability to update the revenue information associated with a particular site. This can be beneficial for seeing the most up to date revenues for each location. While you can frequently update revenues per period, you will only need to fully rebuild your model when you are ready for an update.

Adding New Sites:

As new sites become registered or come into the pipeline, you will be able to add those sites automatically so that they now appear within the SiteZeus platform. This ensures that you never miss an area of opportunity since all potential or existing sites will be updated on the map.