The Main Menu

Understand the general and project-related functions available in the Main Menu

Accessing the Main Menu

Begin by clicking the menu bar at the top-left corner of your screen.

This will open the Main Menu:

The bar highlighted in gray under the Log Off button is the name of the current project.

Note: This will be the project you had open when you last logged off.

General functions


  1. Projects: View all the current projects in your account. Select a project name to open that project.
  2. Manage Account: Invite additional users, update your account information, add/manage data bundles, and manage territory assignments.
  3. Help: Go to the main page of our knowledge base.
  4. Feedback: Click to provide feedback and suggestions to us on what you would love to see next in SiteZeus. If there is something we could do better, don't be shy; the only way we can improve is through your feedback. If there’s a feature you particularly enjoy, we would love to hear about that, too.
  5. Log Off: Log out of the application.

Project-related functions

 The remaining tabs in the menu are specific to the project currently open. 

  • Project Sites: Manage your Existing, Consideration, and Layer Sites.
  • Sandbox: Enter a controlled environment where changes made do not impact your active project. In the Sandbox, you can explore what-if scenarios to answer questions such as: 
    • Which stores will benefit most from a remodel?
    • Should I add more signage to some of my sites?
    • What would happen if I improved operations at certain sites?
    • Which sites will benefit most from an increased marketing budget?
    • If I build larger sites, will the AUV increase?

Caution: Sandbox is not available on V11. Please reach out to your support analyst if you have any questions.

  • Mobile Data: Open the Mobile Data Dashboard to manage and refresh mobile data for locations that have had mobile data redeemed in your current project or in your other projects. You can use mobile data to track the movements of your customers during a 365 day period ending on the day the mobile data was redeemed by visualizing the path to purchase data or the mobile trade area polygons for a location. You can also use mobile data to identify key customer segments and calculate sales impact using our Customer Segmentation Dashboard and Sales Impact solutions. 
  • Customers: Open the Customer Segmentation Dashboard for insights from's geosocial data and Near's human movement data. Study customers' demographics, interests, and behaviors to refine your marketing campaigns and generate heat maps to pinpoint markets with large concentrations of potential customers. You can also explore how the rankings of particular behaviors relate to your overall portfolio.
  • Franchise Portal: If your company is subscribed to the Franchise Portal, you'll also see the Franchise Portal tab available. Use it to grant your franchisees limited access so they can view the attributes and revenues for the sites they own, for sites within their assigned territory, or both.
  • Saved Reports: Quickly access any reports you downloaded within the last day. 
  • Project Settings: Manage your current settings.
    • Project Name: Edit the name of your current project.
    • Select Impact Category: Select your desired global impact model, which is based on industry type.
    • Select Model Training Method: Select the desired trade area radius or drive time for the model.
    • Select Forecasting Method: Select the desired trade area radius or drive time for the forecasting method.
    • Select Pipeline Version: Switch your model’s data pipeline to a different version. If you are an admin, co-admin, or model analyst, you can now switch pipelines or roll back to a previous one if necessary. 

Caution: Changing your data pipeline may cause sales forecasts (Zeustimates) generated using Site Sonar, heat maps, the Z-Panel, or the Sandbox to change. 

  • Revenues: Identify the types of revenues you’ll be inputting. Including revenue subcategories — such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner — can impact your model.
  • Layers: Create new layers or rename existing layers.
  • Attributes: Review, rename, remove, or add model attributes, as well as the category options and default category for each categorical attribute.
  • Import Sites: Download a spreadsheet of your project or upload additional data.
  • Delete Project: Delete the project that’s currently open.