Map competitors and synergistic brands and have them influence your model

Understanding layers

Layer Sites are competitive or synergistic brands you want SiteZeus' machine learning algorithms to consider when building your model. A model can have up to 20 layers, each of which can consist of multiple brands.

Competitive brands are those you share customers or directly compete with. Synergistic brands are those you don't directly compete against but often locate near or share customers with. Layer Sites could also be other brands your company manages.

When building a model, SiteZeus' machine-learning algorithms will consider up to three variables for each Layer Site:

  • Count: The total number of layer locations within a certain trade area of your Existing Sites
  • Average Distance: The average distance between each of your existing locations and the layer locations in the same trade area
  • Average Revenue (Optional): The average revenue of the Layer Sites that fall within a certain trade area of your Existing Sites

Adding layers

  1. Open the Main Menu by clicking the button in the top-left corner of the screen.
    main menu button
  2. Select Layers.
  3. Select the plus sign.
  4. Name the layer (e.g., Coffee competitors).
  5. Open the points-of-interest database.
  6. Search for and select your desired brand or group of brands.
  7. Click Select Layers and choose a Layer.
  8. Click Add to Layer.

Adding layers using the importer

You can also import layers directly into SiteZeus by uploading a formatted data sheet

Caution: You must rebuild your model for these changes to take effect and for your model to incorporate these additional layers.

Note: Layer Sites are just one of many site types available in the application.