Zeustimate SitePak

View the Zeustimate (sales forecast) breakdown for a Proposed Site and compare it to the sales at Existing Sites

Use this report when you

  • have a Synergy Tier subscription and
  • want to see the Zeustimate for a single consideration site or determine the impact each variable had on the sales forecast.

Tip: We recommend using Existing or Proposed Sites for these reports.

What's included in this report:

  • Sales forecasts for a site's total revenue and revenue subcategories (when applicable)
  • How the forecasted sales compare to the project's average unit volume (AUV)

  • A breakdown of how each category of variables impacts the sales forecast

  •  A list of Existing Sites (Smart Comps) that are similar to the subject site based on demographics, traffic, and site attributes

How to generate this report 

  1. Select a site. 
    For a single site: 
    — Click a pin on the map or enter the address into the search bar to navigate to the site. This will open the Zeustimate panel.
    — Click the Report icon in the Zeustimate panel to enter the Reporting Wizard. 

    For multiple sites (up to 10):
    — For pins in close proximity, use the lasso tool
    — For pins in different geographic areas, use the pinning technique. 
    — For multiple Consideration Sites, use the bolt list, which is to the right of the search bar. 

  2. Select the Zeustimate SitePak report in the Reporting Wizard
  3. Name and view the report.