Quick Demographics

Tutorial and SiteZeus Demographics

What are Quick Demographics?

Quick demographics are a quick glance at major demographic data points for each trade area.

Demographic Data Points:

  • Total Population
  • Ethnicity 
  • Male/Female Ratio
  • Median Income
  • Ages
    • Percentage of Population in 10 year increments
    • Percentage of Population in 5 year increments

Quick Demographics can be viewed by each trade area:

Quick Demos Trade Area Select

How do I access Quick Demographics?

Single Click any pin on the map and you can access Quick Demographics for a location. Quick Demographics are under the people icon.

Select a Trade Area at the top of the Quick Demos window. The Trade Areas at the top of the map will also change your Quick Demos view.

Click on +Ages to expand ages to five year increments.

Quick Demos

Quick Demographics Report

To run a Quick Demographic Report, click the report button at the top right of the panel.

Select the Quick Demo’s SitePak from the Report Wizard and follow the prompts.

Quick Demo Report Large