Pinning locations

Learn how to use the multi select tool to group a series of locations into a report or visualize their mobile data in bulk

What is Pinning?

Pinning is a method of selecting multiple locations from the map screen.  

  • Visualize multiple trade areas and determine if your locations are sharing trade rings or if your competitors are inside your trade areas.
  • You can pin up to 10 locations to bring into the Reporting Wizard. Selecting multiple locations by pinning allows you to run several reports at once or run a Simply Compare report and see the selected locations' data side by side.
  • Visualize multiple sites for mobile data with the use of pinning

How to pin locations

  1. Select locations by using the multi select tool in the Project Sites panel
  2. Your locations collect on the right side of the screen as you click the checks for the sites you want to select. You can select up to 10 for reporting and visualization.

  3. After selecting the desired locations, click the mobile data icon if you wish to visualize them all on the map.
  4. After selecting the desired locations, transfer the pinned locations into the Reporting Wizard or Synergy Grid together by clicking the report icon from the right hand side menu.

Best practices

  • Pinning works with any pin type, not just blue stars. You can select Layer Pins, Bolts, Blue Stars, or Search Pins.
  • Don’t forget that you can hide the site panel window if it is in the way! Just click the top of the panel to minimize the Zeustimate window.
  • Once you have built Presentation Templates, you can use the report icon on the pinning bar for one-click reports.
  • You can also use the Ctrl + Shift left click option to visualize/select sites in bulk