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Favoriting Variables

Favorite variables for use in the Reporting Wizard and Synergy Grid or for quick access in the heat map

How to favorite a variable

A variable can be favorited from the heat map or from the Synergy Grid.

  • From the heat map: Click the bolt to the right of the variable so that it appears white. The favorited variable will now appear under Synergy Favorites in the heat map panel.

  • From the Synergy Grid: Click the bolt to the left of the variable so that it appears white. You can now filter to this variable.

Note: Once a variable has been favorited in the Synergy Grid, it will also be favorited in the heat map, and vice versa.

How to filter the Synergy Grid on favorited variables

Select the filter drop-down menu in the top-left corner and select Favorites.

How to generate a heat map for a favorited variable

Simply select the variable in the heat map panel and wait for the heat map to load.

How to report on only favorited variables

Select the Favorites option while selecting the elements to include in your report.