What is SiteZeus?

Is SiteZeus Right for you?

SiteZeus is the most powerful machine learning tool you can use to supplement your current site selection process.

Using the most advanced artificial intelligence, SiteZeus can compare a potential location against all or a subset of your existing locations. Being able to analyze many sites in a matter of minutes allows you to be more efficient with your process. Pursue the locations with the most potential and save time by eliminating the poor ones with SiteZeus.

What questions are you and your team trying to answer?

How can we...

  • eliminate unsuccessful locations?
  • understand the trends that make successful locations?
  • figure our if we have enough population?
  • capture the right demographic?

Do use SiteZeus...

  • to make binary decisions regarding the building and opening of new stores along with relocations.
  • to enhance confidence behind current site selection processes.
  • to understand general drivers and important variables impacting store performance.
  • to optimize markets and territory planning.
  • for daily data and comparative reporting needs.

Don't use SiteZeus...

  • to build Pro Forma financial statements. Zeustimates are estimates with varying degrees of accuracy.
  • to agree with your assumptions and gut feeling. In essence, you purchased SiteZeus to disagree with you and challenge your beliefs with hard data.
  • to forecast month to month sales.
  • if you expect SiteZeus to be your Easy Button. Site visits and real estate are still critical components to success.
  • if you expect every variable to be used in projections; most importantly your Site Attributes. Remember, most of these variables have human bias included in their scoring so their use and value will have a ceiling.