Synergy Grid Overview

Learn more about the Synergy Grid and how to use it


The Synergy Grid shows the influence a variable has on an individual site's Zeustimate compared to its average influence for your entire portfolio or for a specific group of existing sites. Variables include demographics, site attributes, customer behaviors, traffic, and more.

How to access the Synergy Grid

  1. Select sites by clicking on an individual site, using the Lasso Location Search to choose up to 10 sites, or pinning up to 10 locations.
  2. Click the reporting icon on the left side of the screen and select Synergy Grid.

Using the Synergy Grid

  • Revenue subcategories: If there are revenue subcategories in the model, you can select which one you want to analyze in the top-left corner. All subcategories will be included by default.

  • Trade area: You can select different trade area sizes in the top-middle section of the screen to visualize how variables perform with different trade-area radiuses.

Note: The thumbs-up trade area is available to Synergy clients. It displays the trade area for the variables with the highest correlation score.

  • Filtering: Use this feature to view only the data for certain sites:
    1. Select the sites you want to view.
    2. Choose a predefined revenue filter by clicking the dollar sign or enter your own filter using Top X or Bottom X in the filter bar.
    3. Click Apply.
  • Sorting: Click the arrow next to the +/- icon on the left to sort the variables displayed.
    • Categories
    • Top 10
    • Top 25
    • Top by category
    • Favorites
  • Viewing the data as a scatterplot: Click the trade-area circle to view the data for a variable in a scatterplot in which each point represents one site. Hover over a point to see the location's revenue and variable value.
  • Favoriting variables: Favorite variables by clicking the lightning bolt next to the variable name when viewing the Synergy Grid or using the heat map. The lightning bolt next to favorited sites will be filled in.

Note: In the main Synergy Grid view, the lightning bolts are located to the left of the variable name. If you click the category of the variable (Age, Education, etc.), the lightning bolt will appear to the right of the variable name.

Components of the Synergy Grid dashboard

  • Attribute: The attributes on the left indicate the variables used in the model, along with their unit of measurement. 
  • Trade area: This column changes depending on whether a specific trade area or the thumbs-up is selected. You can change your selection in the top-middle section of the screen.
  • Subject site: This column displays the data for the selected site used to navigate to the Synergy Grid.
  • Average site: This column displays the average value for the sites selected.
  • Correlation percentage: The correlation percentage shows the relationship between the variable and the revenue of the subject site. A large absolute value indicates a strong correlations, with positive numbers reflecting a positive correlation and negative numbers indicating a negative one. 
  • All trade areas: This column will show the data for each trade-area size. Hover over a circle to see additional details or click a circle to view the data on a scatterplot.