Test attribute changes on multiple existing sites and on your overall model performance

What is the Sandbox?

The SiteZeus Sandbox is a portfolio-optimization tool that allows you to run experiments based on changes to attributes within your model. This tool allows you to see the impact an attribute adjustment would have on your overall model and on specific sites without needing to rebuild the model. Some examples of tests when using the Sandbox are listed below:

  • Remodeling to your latest building prototype
  • Expanding to a larger building footprint
  • Improving your operations and achieving higher OSAT ratings
  • Adding third-party delivery at a site

Running experiments using the SiteZeus Sandbox

  1. Select the sites you wish to run your experiment on by using the drop-down menu in the top-right corner of your screen. You can filter by revenues, attributes, or specific sites.
    1. Once you have your group of sites selected, use the left panel to adjust the attributes you wish to test. Click the plus icon next to an attribute to change its values, then click Run Experiment once all desired adjustments have been made.
    2. View the number of sites affected positively and negatively by the adjustments, along with the Net Projected Optimization for all adjusted sites.
    3. View each site’s adjusted sales forecast (adjusted Zeustimate) and the difference between its adjusted and actual sales forecasts (projected optimization).
    4. Quickly understand the confidence for each estimate by looking at the Optimization Confidence value.
    5. Export your results by clicking the blue button in the top-right corner.