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INRIX Traffic Data

Learn how INRIX data is sourced and incorporated into SiteZeus


  • INRIX traffic data provides nationwide traffic counts by direction and time of day.
  • The anonymized data is gathered from local transport authorities; road sensors; and GPS signals from mobile devices, vehicles, and telematics devices (used by insurance companies to monitor driving). 
  • The road segments are updated annually.
  • This data is used in SiteZeus for modeling, traffic visualizations, reporting, and more. 

INRIX data sources

  • INRIX Trip Paths — GPS data showing travel patterns
  • OpenStreetMap (OSM) — a free, crowd-sourced tool
  • Public traffic data

Primary vehicle types included

  • Personal vehicles and public transportation
  • Personal vehicles and light commercial vehicles
  • Light commercial vehicles and heavy commercial vehicles

Volume Profiles 2020 data set 

  • Designed specifically to predict traffic volumes for site selection and focuses on traffic counts for arterial roads where quick-service restaurants are likely to open
  • Includes pre-pandemic traffic patterns and those from late 2020
  • Is the only vehicle-count database showing the typical number of vehicles by time of day, day of week, and direction of travel on over 2.65 million miles of roads in the United States

Note: Department of Transportation volumes haven't been taken into account, as INRIX's average annual daily traffic (AADT) calculation is more precise.