How to most optimally leverage the SiteZeus Predictive modeling platform capabilities

Learn the recommended workflow when evaluating locations when subscribed to the SiteZeus predictive modeling platform

Sales Forecasting

  • Adjust attribute settings to more accurately predict for what’s expected at the location
  • View the Smart Comps to understand the most similar locations for your existing portfolio
  • View the Site Variable Importance to understand the largest drivers and detractors for the specific site
  • View the quick demographics to get a snapshot of the area around the location

Trade Area Assessment

  • Visualize a drive time or concentric ring to identify/compare travel patterns and trade area sizes in an area
  • Run a heatmap for a variety of variables to assess the presence of certain targeted demographics

Traffic Assessment

  • Visualize the traffic segment data around a location to assess the differences in count per side of the road
  • Click on a specific segment to further study its time of day and day of week preferences

Whitespace Evaluation

  • Run additional Site Sonar results to assess additional market opportunity at a macro level for a customized list of brands
  • Visualize your team’s custom whitespace results on the map to assess market opportunity
  • Assess how many locations you can optimally fit by applying thresholds

Mobile Data Assessment

  • Ensure that the location pin for a site is as accurate as possible to reflect where the location is and therefore ensure you collect the appropriate mobile data for the site location. If it is found to be inaccurate adjust the placement using our Move A Pin feature if you are at the Administrative or Co-Administrative permission level
  • Pull mobile data on your existing locations to evaluate the true trade area of customers coming to and from your store location
  • Overlap the mobile data for multiple sites in a market to assess where there are shared customers and determine where there may be open new development opportunity
  • If subscribed to our Spatial AI dataset for customer segments generated based on social media conversations, ensure you also leverage the Customer Segmentation Dashboard to gain insight on who your core customer is when combined with Mobile Data
  • Utilize the mobile data to evaluate the patterns of customers for nearby competition and to out position your newer development.
  • Utilize the mobile data to evaluate the patterns of a proposed site area of interest, keeping in mind that pulling on proposed sites will either provide the customer base of the previous tenant or potentially the construction that is occurring at the site.
  • Ensure you update any data that is redeemed to ensure it stays up to date and relevant by refreshing from the Mobile Data Dashboard

Sales Impact Evaluation

  • Once mobile data has been run on a site location of interest that you wish to evaluate for impact select the nearby proposed location and run an impact study
  • Once run evaluate the results and determine if the percentage impact is sufficient for the nearby development
  • View the Last Stop, Daytime, and Evening devices to ensure you compare the placement of those pings to fully review the impact result

Closure Impact Evaluation

  • Once mobile data has been run on the site location of interest that you are considering closing select the group of locations that you wish to assess the transfer rate for and run the closure result
  • Once run evaluate the results to determine if there is enough confirmed transfer for your team to close the location under evaluation
  • Run this study using other nearby existing locations and a potential site of interest if looking to relocate the site location

Synergy Grid Correlation Evaluation

  • Open the Synergy Grid to assess correlations between particular variables and your existing store portfolio
  • See whether a particular variable has a positive or negative correlation
  • To further interpret these correlations assess the strength of the correlation as well
  • Typically the higher the correlation value the stronger the relationship
  • Switch to various trade area ring sizes to assess correlation for multiple trade area sizes
  • View the visual representation of the Correlation through the Synergy Plots
  • Adjust the sample selected for evaluation of correlation from your full portfolio to any other unique grouping of stores

Reporting Review

  • Run a series of reports for a location to compare a location to others in the existing portfolio
  • Study the demographic and geosocial data for a site location
  • Report in bulk for multiple locations at once via the Multi-Select tool
  • Create presentation templates to further streamline your reporting process