Dec 2021 Release: The latest and greatest in SiteZeus 

See all the new features included in our December 2021 release

Site types 🆕

Site types allow you to easily see and update the status of a site on the map.  

  • Locations/Blue stars have been renamed Existing Sites, which include the following types: Mature, New, Closed, and Closed Temp. 
  • Bolts have been renamed Proposed Sites, which include the following types: Consideration, Letter of Intent, Approved, Rejected, In Development, Trade Area Seeds, and Dead Deal. 
  • Layer Locations have been renamed Layer Sites. 

If you don’t select a site type for an Existing or Proposed Site, it will be set to the default type. You can choose a site type using the Import/Export feature or change it in the platform. 

Learn more about Site Types

The Site Panel replaced with the more powerful Project Sites 💥  

The Site Panel has been replaced with Project Sites, where you can: 

  • Easily filter your site list by custom revenue ranges, site types, and mobile data status 
  • Edit attributes, revenues, and site types while still viewing the whole map 
  • Use the Change Site Type Panel to remove a site or change the site type 
  • Use the Site Attributes Panel to edit actual values that affect your model or test what-if scenarios, seeing how attribute changes would affect a store’s revenue projection 
    • We've moved the editing of Site Attributes out of the cramped space of the Z-panel, and into a larger area for viewing, and filtering
  • Use the Revenues Panel to adjust revenue and sub-revenue values
  • Each new panel has the ability to navigate you to that site on the map and open the Z-panel for more site details and functions

Learn more about Project Sites

Tip: Access Project Sites through the Main Menu at the top-left corner of your screen. 

Updated reports 💥 

  • We’ve refined the icons, fonts, and maps in reports to make them more visually appealing and easier to read.  
  • All reports now include the updated site types described above for more detailed insights into your portfolio and site-selection research.  
  • We’ve implemented solutions to ensure reports can be successfully exported as PDF files with correct formatting.